The tourist complex of "Pietramarina", built in 1972, is situated in the locality of S.Giusto-Pinone, about 400 metres high, in the Municipality of Carmignano, Province of Prato, in Montalbano Natural Park, in a panoramic hilly area on the south side, near the point of the road mountain pass between the area of Prato and Empoli. The hilly formation of Montalbano appears as a protected green area in the heart of central Tuscany.
With a ridge of about 25 kilometres covered with almost 6,000 hectares of woodland, the complex is set between two plains, lower Valdarno and Florence/Pistoia; the whole area possesses a significant number of important historical and natural resources. The particularly favourable geographical location of the place makes it an ideal starting point for those wishing to go on tourist trips in a vast area, with easy access to various destinations of particular interest. The area where the complex stands is about 25 km from Florence and Pistoia (30 minutes away by car), 20 km from Prato, 10 km from Empoli, 8 km from Vinci, 7 km from Carmignano and 9 km from Artimino.
So you can choose from different types of tourist destinations:
- religious (e.g. Abbey of S. Giusto al Pinone, Abbey of S. Martino in Campo in Artimino, Parish Church of S. Leonardo in Artimino);
- Medici (e.g. Medici Villa La Ferdinanda in Artimino, Medici Villa of Poggio in Caiano, Medici Cascine di Tavola, Medici Barco Reale in Poggio alla Malva);
- Etruscan (e.g. Masso del Diavolo in Pietramarina, Montefortini Grave in Comeana, Etruscan Necropolis of Prato Rosello in Comeana, Etruscan Archaeological Museum in Artimino);
- naturalistic (e.g. Monte Pietramarina, the Oak in Faltognano);
- castles and fortresses (e.g. Carmignano Fortress, Count Guidi Castle in Vinci);
- villages (e.g. Artimino Village, Bacchereto Village);
- museums (e.g. Leonardo Museum in Vinci, the House where Leonardo da Vinci was born in Anchiano);
- farms (e.g. Capezzana Farm, Bacchereto Farm);
- artistic (e.g. "Visitation" by Pontormo in Carmignano, Quinto Martini Park Museum in Seano);
- gastronomic(there are many typical bars and restaurants in the area)

Via Provinciale del Montalbano, 7/9/11/13 Loc. San Giusto - Pinone 59015 Carmignano (PO) Italy
- e-mail: latorrepietramarina@tiscali.it